Don’t call me Naomi

“Don’t call me Naomi,” she told them. “Call me Mara, because the Almighty has made my life very bitter. (Ruth 1:20)

I think there is a period in everyone’s life when we go through this process of sorrow and bitterness. For Naomi, the sorrow of losing most of her family members truly impacted her. In biblical times, and even now, I believe name of a person is very significant. It’s not just something we call people by, but it determines their character and even their calling.

God called Abram and gave him a new name “Abraham”, or Jacob “Israel”, and Saul to “Paul” Their new names hold such significance and it God prophesies their future through it. Name is their identity.

But when Naomi lost her family, she decided to take her own fate into her hand and determine her future as “Bitter” She gave herself the wrong identity that was never meant for her. God given name “Naomi” means pleasantness, but because of her circumstances, she forgo her identity in God.

When we are faced with trials, first thing devil tries to do is accuse and try to take away your identity, or give you a wrong one. “you’re not worthy” “you are never enough” “you’re not loved” “you are not God’s precious one” All lies, and the area they attack the most is your identity. If we had a firm understanding of who we are in God (precious sons and daughters of the most high king) all these trials would not make you second guess who you are and who God is.

Lord, help us to truly believe in our identity in you as a children of God. Amen

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